Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Butterfly Project: Massage Party @ Amante Nail Spa & Body Care

终于来到了Butterfly Project's Massage Party的大日子了!
谢谢Butterfly Project选我出席她们的Massage Party!感动!
我和Emily Tang是下午时段,所以我们相约搭车去Amante Nail Spa & Body Care, Sri Petaling。
这天,我们Butterfly Bloggers就是Amante的VIP!受宠若惊!

Finally, it was the big day for Butterfly Project's Massage Party!
Thank you Butterfly Project selected me to attend their Massage Party!!
Emily Tang and I were afternoon session, so we took public transportation together to Amante Nail Spa & Body Care, Sri Petaling.
This day, we, Butterfly Bloggers, were Amante's VIP!!
 一打开门,就看到Ask Joey - The Sweetest Party.精心布置的迎宾柜台。
Keep Calm & Relax是这次派对的主题

When we stepped in the main area, we saw front desk area to be nicely decorated by Ask Joey - The Sweetest Party .
This time party's theme was Keep Calm & Relax.
Therefore, the main colour tone was green to make a relaxing environment.
 The food on the table just for display... but I really want to taste them....
这是Teaffani High Tea为我们准备的英式茶点!

Of course Butterfly Project won't kedekut!
There were English High Tea corner prepared by Teaffani High Tea!
Those pastries were looked yummy!

Since I didn't have my lunch yet, so I quickly took some pastries and a cup of tea to be my light lunch.

After that, I immediately started my first massage.
There were 2 types massage to be chosen: Aromatherapy Massage and Hot Stone Massage.
I chosen Aromatherapy Massage. Aromatherapy massage is more to relaxing. 
Massage 'Sifu' was using lemongrass essential oil.
I like the smell.
I felt little pain after massaging but my muscle was not so tight. 

In aromatherapy massage, lemongrass oil is often used in an aromatherapy mixture designed to relieve stress and calm the nerves. - Lemongrass oil: the aromatherapy and health properties of lemongrass essential oil
Emily Tang

 基于,我没在按摩时段拍照,所以我用了 Emily Tang的照片作为替代。:p
 Since I didn't take photo during massage session, so I replace with  Emily Tang's massage photo.   :p
She also chosen aromatherapy massage.
I was given chance to do second massage - hot stone massage.

The benefits of hot stone massage include:
* Improved circulation
* Increased lymphatic drainage (toxin removal)
* Improved blood flow to tissues
* Reduces muscular tension
* Relieves aches and pains
* Reduces stress and anxiety
* Produces a deep relaxation

I heard that hot stone massage will burn the skin.
After trying it, it was not terrible that people thinking.
The temperature of the hot stone can be acceptable.
My feeling was better after warm massage.
It was suitable for those who dislike cold, like me!

 My massage sifu is from Kelantan, like me!!
So, we chit chat a lot during massage session. Haha!
This was my second time doing manicure. My first manicure was also by Amante!
不过,我还是喜欢第一次涂的颜色--低调又华丽的Bling Bling。
This time, I tried to make myself different.
I chosen 2 candy colours: Blue and lemon green.
Well, I prefer previous bling bling colour which was more lady look....

Butterfly Project Mama San: Tammy Lim

不过,我会尽量记下和我打过招呼的博客的... 脸孔。(我记名字是很差的!) 

This party was very quiet and peaceful.
All of us was really relax and enjoy those massages and manicure.
Although I had not much time to chit chat and meet new friends, but I will try to remember those bloggers' faces who had greeted with me. (I am worst in memorizing name =,=lll)
Gift from Amante - Amante Lemongrass Diffuser to continue relaxing at home.
P/S: I am waiting for the photo taken by Photobooth Malaysia.   
最后,要非常感谢 The Butterfly Project, Amante , Ask Joey - The Sweetest Party, Teaffani High Tea, Photobooth成功举办了massage party ! *Muak Muak*
Last, very big thank you to  The Butterfly Project, Amante , Ask Joey - The Sweetest Party, Teaffani High Tea, Photobooth for this awesome massage party ! *Muak Muak*

如果你们也想免费尝试按摩或指甲护理,Amante将在7月的19-21号,在各分行举办 Open House。而且还有配套折扣高达70%!

If you also want to try massage and manicure for free, Amante will held an Open House from 19-21 July at every branches!
They will be having 70% off during that period also!
Visit for more information.


  1. nail art 很喜欢!下次我也要抽空来做做 :)

  2. @镜框外ザ軒nail art应该是花式指甲。我暂时都没看过他们作花式指甲。。。也许我两次都是免费的吧。。。