Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Natta Cosme Beauty Bag in November

当我游览Natta Cosme网页的时候,看见它正发售十一月份的美容包。
一个美容包RM19.90 + 邮费RM6.00,觉得可以买来一试,所以立刻下了订单。
Natta Cosme 服务挺好的,都会有电邮通知。

When I was surfing Natta Cosme Website, I saw they selling November Beauty Bag.
The price of beauty bag is RM19.90 + courier fees RM6.00. 
 It was not expensive, so I made order.
Natta Cosme's service was good, they was updating order status by email.
3 days after placing order, I received the parcel! So efficient! 
The beauty bag was wrapped by bubble nicely~~

一拆开就看到大大的Hello Kitty。透明朴实的包包被装得满满的。
When I unwrapped, I saw a big Hello Kitty face.
The simple transparent bag was full.
These were the items in the bag. 
Natural Rich Soo Essence Sheet Mask - RM5.90 X 2

Unfamiliar brand, but willing to try.
Extremely nourishing as its is fully loaded with natural essence. Various soothing with different effect to suit your needs.
Sexy Look Hello Kitty
Rose Whitening & Moisturizing Mask - RM4.00

这是我很想试用的Hello Kitty面膜!Yeah!
Yeah! I want to try this mask for long time!
Refines enlarged pores, make skin supple, smooth and delicate. It contains silk protein help maintain skin elasticity and moisture.
Leptin Slimming Drink - RM35 per box, RM2.30 per sachet

This Slimming drink are not suitable for me. Haha.
Specialises in producing natural health products tohelp you lose weigh. Certified by FDA.
ampm Wakeup Skin Smooth Washing Powder - RM45/60g, RM11.25 15g

I heard that facial powder was suitable blemish face. Now, I can try it.
Hashes away dead skin cells and blackheads that are clogging up pores. Brightens skin with just a cleanse.
Kiss Me Kiss Lip Softsense - RM9.90

Honey lemon? Good taste or not? Haha
Enriched with Vitamin C derivatives that provide natural nourishment to lips.
Lennox FirmUp Collagen with OPC - RM89.90/25 bottles, RM3.60 per bottle

Previously, I drank this brand collagen.
The new FirmUp Collagen drink utilizes Low Molecules Collagen, a type of collagen that can be dissolved completely and easily absorbed deep into our skin. Formulated together with Coenzyme Q10, a compound that energises skin cells – give you instant result for firmer, radiant and bouncy-looking skin. Each box of 10 bottles gives your skin all nutrients it need for 30days.
Hair Clip - RM3.50

Beauty lady should have pretty accessory. 
However, I am short hair! I think I should give somebody.

Shiseido Aquair Deep Moist Conditioner - RM11.90

Formulated for repairs damaged hair and coats to prevent further damages. Coating repair ingredients work from core of hair to cuticle.
之前看过博友写过Natta Cosme Beauty Bag没附上美容包产品说明,
I have read a blogger written that Natta Cosme Beuty Bag did not have product info.
This time, they provided rosy product info card.

Natta Cosme Beauty Bag没有什么高档的产品,

Although Natta Cosme Beauty Bag does not have high-class products, but all those products are useful.
This beauty bag's value is RM62.85. It is more than RM19.90.
I hope that they will sell Xmas special edition, I would like to buy for Xmas gift. 

Natta Cosme Website:


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  2. 这一次的产品看起来还不错,相当有分量哦!