Monday, 19 August 2013

Beauty Clinic Mediheal:Pore Down Smart Tox Mask

最近,都在药妆店看到2 in 1的面膜,尤其是韩国牌子面膜,更多选择。
这次在Sasa看上了Beauty Clinic Mediheal 这个牌子的面膜。
就买了一片Pore Down Smart Tox Mask 回家试。

Pore Down Smart Tox Mask主要功效:收毛孔、淨化肌肤,改善皮肤粗糙的问题。

Recently,  there are many type of 2 n 1 mask in the market, especially Korean mask.
The price for 1 piece is about RM10.
This time, I saw Beauty Clinic Mediheal in Sasa, and I bought one to try: Pore Down Smart Tox Mask

Pore Down Smart Tox Mask makes the skin tighter, younger and energetic, renews energy into exhausted and enlarged pore skin with a tox care system.

moisturizes your skin and tightens pores while providing abundant energy to the skin - See more at:

1st Step: Apply 'Mask Base Ampoule' evenly all over the face, gently wrap the face with hands to help absorption.

2nd Step: Place the sheet mask on the face for 15-20 minutes.
This black mask is thick cotton base. I am not so like it.

I found that it was greasy like other Korean mask.
After few minutes massaging and patting, it still can't be absorbed.
I think I am not suitable to use Korean mask.
Moisturizer level was not high... 

I think I should continue using Taiwan mask.
 2重奏智能縮孔緊緻導入面膜蘊含縮孔複合物LS8865、PCA鋅、胎盤萃取、表皮生長因子、積雪草及綠茶細胞萃取,為肌膚提供充足營養和能量,提昇肌膚並縮小毛孔,讓肌膚保持水潤緊緻。-- 转文
 MediHeal Pore Down Smart Tox Mask contains nutrient building ingredients such as Pore Care Complex LS8865, PCA zine, placetin which contains E.F.F, and cetella asiatica extract, camellia sinensis callus culture extract.


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