Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Travel Bag From PG Mall

早在几年前,从论坛的网购里知道来自台湾PG Mall这个牌子。

去年发现它已经登陆马来西亚了,价格还很便宜, 不到RM50就可以拥有美美的包包。
虽然如此,我还是最近因为旅行包坏了,要去旅行了,才肯去买PG mall旅行包。

 Few years ago, I knew PG Mall, which was Taiwan branded bag, from forum.
I liked its design, and I always wished to have one.
However, the selling price in forum was higher than Taiwan's selling price very much.
Therefore, I just dared to view.

Starting last year, PG mall arrived at Malaysia, the price is cheaper than before what I saw in forum. I can own a pretty bag with the price not more than RM50!
You can purchase the bag from its few outlets or online purchase.
 Recently, my favorite travel bag was broken, and my travel period was just around the corner, so I had a reason to buy my first PG Mall bag.


I directly went to its HQ in Kepong to purchase my travel bag.
I chosen a pinky travel bag which was same design and sizes with my broken bag.  
The price was very cheap: RM22!!

侧面 Side View
后面 Back
里面 Inside

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  1. I used to buy their bags quite often last time hehe

  2. @Yuh JiunI love their design... next wishlist is their shoulder bag~~ need to wait my current bag broken first...