Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Why is Bag Of Love? Why attend Unboxing Tea Party at Delectable Su?

Why I want to review Bag of Love?
Why I would like to attend the Tea Party at Delectable Su on 27 April 2013?

Why not?
I am a girl. I like myself become pretty like a princess. I want a magic bag that can give me many surprise of beauty secrets.

Why not?
I am a girl. I like to share what I like, what I feel with others girls like me. I wish I can have a high tea with others girls and share our beauty bible during the relaxing weekend.

Why not?
Now I see the Bag of Love shining in front me, I smell the cupcake from Delectable Su, I heard them calling my name~~~~~~~

Ee??? Who is singing???

Lylic: (I try my best to use my limited English level to write the Lylic... Dun Lough Ya)

1 2 3 you and me              4 5 6 hand in hand        we enjoy in unboxing tea party
bag of love           fall in love            bag of love          full of joy
I'm wishing can get the one             sharing beauty secret with you

Interested? Want to join?
Come click The Butterfly Project - Beauty Bloggers for detail!!

Don't know what is Bag of Love?
Come click Bag of Love for a look!!!! 

Want to buy some cup cake? Come to Delectable Su!!!


  1. wowwwww u create, modify and sing the song with title 'Bag of Love', pui fok lor!

    1. This idea appeared in my head during waiting komuter back to home.... hehe...
      Where is yours?