Monday, 28 July 2014

Mouth and Teeth Protection @ Guardian Mouthwash

My first mouth wash was given to Guardian Mouthwash series.
First thing in my mind: mouthwash is just a liquid to make mouth cleaner and fresher.
 BUT, I was wrong. 
There are few types of mouthwash to be chosen follow our needs.
I spend almost 1 month to testing whole series of Guardian mouthwash. 

我花了近1个月尝试完Guardian 4种漱口水。其实要更有效应该持续性使用。

 Guardian Mouthwash: Total Protect (RM4.90 for 100ml, RM12.90 for 400ml, RM18.90 for 750ml)

8 in 1 multi benefits mouthwash and holistic oral care. It can kills 99.9% bacteria. It contains alcohol but it is Halal certified mouthwash.

Benefits 功效: 
Restore mineral to enamel 修护珐琅质
Prevent tartar build up 防止牙垢
Strengthen teeth 强化牙齿
Reduce Plague 减少牙石
Maintain healthy gum 保持健康的牙龈
Freshen breath 保持口气清新
Maintain Natural Whiteness of teeth 维持自然洁白的牙齿

After using: This is the most spicy mouthwash among Guardian Mouthwash. However, after rinsing, I can feel my mouth is very cool and fresh. Highly recommend for beginner and for those do not have idea to choose which type of mouthwash.


Guardian Mouthwash: Brightening + Tartar Control (RM4.50 for 100ml, RM16.90 for 750ml)

It is for those who seek teeth brightening benefits especially coffee/tea drinker and smokers. It kills 99.9% bacteria and sugar free! It contains alcohol but it is Halal certified mouthwash.
这款漱口水专给想要牙齿洁白的使用者,尤其是喝茶喝咖啡的爱好者和吸烟者。它依然可以杀死99.9%的细菌,而且它是无糖分的漱口水! 含有酒精不过得到Halal认可的漱口水。

Benefits 功效:
Reduces tartar formation 减少牙垢形成
Brighten teeth 洁白牙齿
Prevent plague accumulation 防止牙石形成

   After using: I can feel the cool after rinsing. If for brightening, it should be using it for consistency.


Guardian Mouthwash: Cool Mint (RM3.90 for 100ml, RM15.90 for 750ml)

It is basic mouthwash with cooling sensation. It can kill 99.9% bacteria. It contains alcohol but it is Halal certified mouthwash.
它是最基本的有冰凉感觉的漱口水。它可以杀死99.9%的口腔细菌。 含有酒精不过得到Halal认可的漱口水。

 Benefits 功效:
 Strengthen teeth  强化牙齿
Reduces bad breath 减少口臭

After using: The feeling is such like brushing teeth because it taste like normal toothpaste. My mouth is fresh after rinsing. I recommend Cool Mint for those have healthy teeth.


Guardian Mouthwash: Peppermint with Tea Tree Oil (RM3.90 for 100ml, RM15.90 for 750ml)

It is sugar and alcohol free mouthwash with less burning sensation. It added Tea Tree Oil for fresher breath.
它是一款无糖无酒精,不刺激的漱口水。 它含有让口气更清新的茶树油。

Benefits 功效:
Reduces bad breath  减少口臭

After using: It is strong with taste of peppermint but not very spicy. It is very fresh after rinsing. It is suitable bad breath user.



Since I am newbie for mouthwash user, so I try to search how to use it.
Below is few steps using mouthwash:

1. Pour 20 ml into a small cup.  把20ml的漱口水倒入瓶盖或小杯
 2. Pour it into your mouth, but be careful, don't swallow! 将漱口水倒入口里,记得不要吞进肚里!
 3. Swish it through your teeth for 30 seconds to a minute. 让漱口水清洗你的牙齿,维持30秒至一分钟。
 4. Spit it out 吐出来

 Depending on what type of mouthwash you used, you might need to wait 1/2 hour or more before drinking water or eating in order to increase the effectiveness of the mouthwash. Read the directions on the bottle to find out if you should wait.


 You can find all the series of Guardian Mouthwash from all Guardian outlets and online store at 

 你可以在Guardian各分行或Guardian网购店  选购以上Guardian漱口水。 


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