Tuesday, 17 June 2014

The Butterfly Project x Eskayvie: Unlock Secrets To Youthful Enriching Lives From Within

前些天,有幸参加了The Butterfly ProjectEskayvie带来的产品推广会。
这个推广会在Pullman Hotel Bangsar举办。

2 weeks ago, I was luckily chosen to attend a product showcase which brought by The Butterfly and Eskayvie.
This product showcase was organized at Pullman Hotel Bangsar.

 With dedication to research and working with a team of developers, Eskayvie Sdn. Bhd. was established on 19 May 2009. We create more than just products of beauty and health – we deliver products with benefits and purpose. The effective products of Eskayvie are formulated by our CEO Dr Syid Ayob Syid Mustafa Al-Qudri who has over 15 years of experience in alternative medicine research.

Since it was still early, those seats were not filled up yet.
It was seem like many peoples were not familiar with this new hotel.
I also nearly got lost in TM Tower area.

Welcome speech from the pretty Emcee.

Mr Wong让我们先了解Eskayvie这间公司。
Opening speech from Mr Wong to let u know about Eskayvie.

Dr Syid Ayob Syid Mustafa Al Qudri也就是产品研发者为我们开讲啦!
在这发布会没有太多Hard Sell。
风趣的Dr Syid Ayob让整个会场热闹起来。

 Product presentation by Dr Syid Ayob Syid Mustafa Al Qudri, CEO Eskayvie cum products developer.
In this products showcase was more to knowledge about medicine science, especially about the main sources to become younger.
Dr Syid Ayod's talk was fun.
Organizer also had a Answer & Win Srssion to make us to be more concentrate in the talks.
Eskayvie Redianze:主要功能是抗衰老,同时对健康也有帮助。最神奇的是连中风和关节炎的病患者也起了作用。可说是健康的保健品。

Eskayvie I-Qids: 美味的巧克力儿童饮料。有助于脑力发展。

An effective advanced cellular nutrient formulation, essential for age-defying process;

The healthy yummy chocolate drinks for your kids. I-Qids comprises of branded ingredients that provide all the nutrients children need on a daily basis.

现场设有试喝Eskayvie Redianze 和 Eskayvie I-Qids。
Eskayvie Redianze带有果汁味,不会很甜。
 Eskayvie I-Qids是浓浓的巧克力味,也是不会很甜。

It was products sample for testing at the end of the talks.
 Eskayvie Redianze was peach flavour and Eskayvie I-Qids was chocolate.
Both products were not sweet, and nice to drink.

Organizer threat us with great evening tea. They were very sincere!

 这就是会七种语言的Dr Syid Ayob Syid Mustafa Al Qudri。
 He is Dr Syid Ayob Syid Mustafa Al Qudri who knows 7 languages!


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  1. Hi, Peggy! Too bad I didn't get to personally meet u that day, I was in a hurry :) Nice blog and hope to meet u in person soon!

  2. @Celeste DJ Choo: I saw you rushing back on that day XD